Friday, December 20, 2013



It has been a busy week with Christmas just around the corner.  I am so happy that I got in my normal weekday runs despite the early cold weather we are having on Long  Island.

So far this week I ran 22.33 miles and burned off over 3400 calories.  Tomorrows run will be a 10 miler either in the Preserve or down to Jones Beach. That will top me out at over 32 miles this week.

Its supposed to be a warm weekend here on LI so get out and enjoy it!

Registration for the Hampton Hal Marathon/Marathon opens this weekend. Hamptons Marathon  This race is held in September and always sells out quickly!

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marcinha said...

Hi, where else do you go for long runs? I have to run 12 on Monday and was looking for something different. Flat terrain though! :)