Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I'm Back

After a long time away I have returned to the world of Blogger (Google).  I moved my blog to Word Press last year when I had difficulty posting to Blogger.

That problem seems to have been rectified so here I am.

I am not going to bore you with a long recap on my running adventurers in my long time away but I will tell you this.

I have now completed two marathons so I can now call myself a marathoner!

The first was the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon in Virgina/Washington DC on 10/28/12.  This was my first ever marathon. I will most certainly never forget the experience.  I finished in 4:02:18 with a 9:14 min/mile pace.  Not bad considering we ran as the outer bands of Hurricane Sandy were lashing DC at the time.

The second was the 2013 Philadelphia Marathon in Philadelphia, PA on 11/17/13.  I finished with a new PR in 3:49:05.  My pace was 8:44 min/per mile.

I was lucky to have my beautiful wife and kids cheering me on during both these races. 

In between I ran the 2013 Long Island Half Marathon on 05/05/13.  I finished in 1:44:51 on a beautiful May day here on Long Island.

I continue to train relentlessly constantly looking for my next race.

I am running five days a week.  During the work week I run at 03:10 AM before work at whihc time I complete 5.6 miles per day before traveling in NYC for work

Saturdays I alternate long/short runs weekly with the "short" run being a 10 miler.  The "long" run the following week is 10+ depending on my next scheduled marathon.

I usually take off Thursday and unless running a half or full marathon I dont run on Sundays.

I hate to say it but since entering the marathoners world I rarely run 5K or 10K races.  Too short.  That being said there are still some that I will do for personal reasons.

I look forward to blogging again here on Blogger.  If you want to follow along and read my nonsense I welcome you. If you dont I wont be hurt. 

See ya out there!

Keep running.


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