Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Running I Will Go!

Welcome 2012.

My name is Mike and I am 41 years old currently living here on Long Island, NY

With a new year comes this resurrected blog which I have started and stopped so many times. I really want to keep it going this time and I vow to do it!

I sat down yesterday and began planning my 2012 running calendar. My running aspirations for 2012 is two half marathons and my first full marathon along with 5K's sprinkled in here and there.

I have already run three half marathons. I took time off last year from running to recuperate from a torn glute muscle that occurred while training for what would have been my first full marathon.

I will be running the Long Island Half Marathon on May 6th 2012. The other half marathon is "up in the air". I would love to run the "Marine Corps Historic Half" in Fredricksburg, VA but it is during soccer season (which I am a coach) and I will already be missing a game for the LI Half. Therefore I will be looking for one in June/July.

On my calendar is the Long Beach "Snowball" 4 Miler on February 11th. I was perusing which is a fantastic site that lists races all over America.

On March 7th I plan to register for the 2012 Marine Crops Marathon which will be my first. Being a New Yorker I would love to run New York and I will. However I really want the Marine Corps Marathon to be my first!

Good run today on the treadmill. 5.06 miles in 44:09 according to my Garmin Forerunner 405 with foot pod.

I love my Garmin. I had been using Nike+ along with my Ipod since I began running in 2008. For the last year I had been using my Ipod Touch along with the Nike+ to record my runs after my original Nano broke.

Then for Christmas this year my wonderful wife Kathy got me the Forerunner and a new 6th Generation Ipod Nano which weighs next to nothing!! I've put them to very good use and am so excited for the rest of the years runs!

Hope you check back and check in on me here.


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