Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Winter That Wasn't (or hasn't been)

Ok. The oral surgeon told me to take a "couple days off from running" after she ripped my mouth apart on Thursday and cost me my Friday run.

Well yesterday it was almost 60 degrees here on Long Island! Ain't no way I missing out in running weather like that! So since the bleeding stopped I laced up my New Balances, strapped my Garmin on my wrist charged up the nano and headed out on a 6.5 mile run in 54:37. I burned off over 1100 calories and my average pace was 8:24 min/mi.

The run took me on the streets of Massapequa as well as the Massapequa Preserve.

I could not believe it was January! I am hoping the rest of the winter stays the sand way!

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