Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dental Implant = No Running Friday!

So I am having a dental implant put in my mouth. On Thursday afternoon I had an appointment with my oral surgeon for "the uncovering" which is the last step before the crown. It is supposed to take about 10 minutes in the chair under a local anesthetic.

Well nothing goes easy for me. When she opened my gum she discovered that my jawbone had grown over the implant! She then proceeded to chisel and drill away my jawbone! Ouch! 10 minutes became 1 and 1/2 hours in the chair and 4 stitches with "no running for a couple of days" warning on my way out the door.

Do therefore Friday meant missing work ANC resting! Boo! I god go to the movies within my wife and her mom while the kids were in school. We saw "Young Adult". Decent movie but a sad story! It just didn't take my mind off missing my Friday run!


Calandra Janocha said...

It is possible that it took you too long before you were able to go to your dentist for “the uncovering,” and that’s why the jawbone had grown over the implant. It’s unfortunate that you didn’t get to run that Friday, but I bet things worked out for the better at the end of it all. For one, I’m sure your lost tooth has been replaced! Just make sure to keep your teeth clean always so your implant lasts long.

Kaley Baum said...

The surgery will definitely hinder you from running, which you should strictly follow. It’s not a good idea to run after any type of surgery because it’ll make the healing process longer. Or worse, you’ll feel more pain if you run.

Thanh Arnett said...

I agree with you, Calandra. She should take care of her teeth if she doesn't want to visit the dentist to have another dental implant session again. It's sure not a very a pleasant experience to undergo, but it’s sometimes necessary to restore the teeth’s main function. Anyway, it’s been a year now. How are you now, JLC? I hope your teeth no longer hurt. Please update us. Would love to hear from you. :)

Thanh Arnett